Repair and Maintenance Services for Hydraulic Systems

Maintaining the efficiency of your hydraulic system is important to avoid any component damages. At Gibson Hydraulics Inc. in Lutz, FL, we will ensure that your hydraulic system’s pumps, valves, motors, and cylinders are in good condition. Our skilled technicians will perform regular inspections to eliminate problems before they occur.

Services We Offer

  • Full-Service Maintenance and Repair
  • Rebuilding of Hydraulic Cylinders up to 40' Long
  • Machining Capability to 20' Centers
  • Lathes Capable of Turning 46 D and 35' Length
  • Hones Capable of 18 ID X 30' Length
  • Torque Bench Capable of 80,000 Ft/Lbs.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Milling
  • Welding of Most Materials
  • Polishing and Rod Repair
  • Servicing a Wide Range of Hydraulic Tools
  • Pick Up and Delivery Services
  • Straightening Presses Up to 150 Tons

Supplies and Parts Available

We pride ourselves on being a large stock supplier of various parts and materials such as:

  • Chromed Bar 5" (Available Metric Sizes: 12mm to 90mm)
  • Honed Tubing 2" X 6" (Metric Sizes)
  • Gates Hose and Fittings
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